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The speedometer is well-known by everyone who has driven a car before as an essential item. However, when building a race car from scratch, or even if an original one fails, sometimes it is necessary to fit a new speedometer.

The range of speedometers on this page features products from well-known, quality renowned brands in various sizes, ranges and design styles. There are also digital options available as well as GPS enabled gauges. All of these gauges feature a high level of accuracy and are easy to configure, making them an ideal choice for a new build or an upgrade and provide the confidence that you know exactly what speed you are doing when in the car.

Complimenting the range of speedometers available are also speed sensors and interface cables to ensure that the highest level of accuracy is achieved.

If you are looking for a more than just a speedometer, why not check out our Dash Displays & Loggers section for a feature packed, all-in-one dashboard unit.