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WOSP High Output Starter Motors
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WOSP High Torque Lightweight Duratec Starter Motors
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In the early days of the automotive industry, starting the engine on a car would be achieved using various methods including wind-up springs, pull cords and the traditional removeable crank handle. Eventually a more consistent and easier solution was developed in the form of the electric starter motor.

Modern starter motors tend to use a solenoid with an electric motor. Once the starter motor receives electrical current from the ignition, the solenoid is activated and pushes the starter gear into contact with the ring gear on the flywheel to crank the engine over to start the combustion cycle.

Competition starter motors are constructed from high quality materials and are often lighter than their standard equipment counterparts. In general, motorsport starter motors must be able to turn over engines which are running high levels of compression. Thus, there is a greater amount of cranking power required to turn the engine over. Therefore, competition starter motors feature more powerful electric motors to provide the torque required for cranking.

As all cars don't have the same size ring gear, competition starter motors are supplied with a choice of gear sizes to suit the most popular applications. With a combination of higher torque and lower weight, fitting a competition starter motor is a must to ensure effortless starting, time after time.

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