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Car engines require an air supply in order to function correctly. Engines which are highly tuned often demand a greater amount of cooler air to increase the power which is produced. This is where induction kits come in. Designed to replace the standard car air box, an induction kit typically includes a cone type filter and new ducting hoses. This combined with a cold air feed results in a significant performance improvement.

But why is cold air so important? Well, in the combustion process, the more fuel and air that is ignited inside the cylinders, the more power that is produced. Cold air has a higher density than warm air which means that there is a higher oxygen content which serves to increase the potential for air/fuel burn and therefore increase the power produced.

There are various induction kits available including those which are vehicle specific as well as universal fit. Vehicle specific kits range from exposed cone filters through to fully enclosed air boxes for maximum airflow, both of which are designed to fit directly onto the engine with minimal adaption. Either option offers a significant improvement over a standard air filter and air box in terms of increased power output and throttle response. Universal fit systems are available but they may require some adaption to fit.

If you are looking for replacement panel or bolt of style air filters, be sure to check out our main air filters section in our motorsport department.