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It is known that car engines operate more efficiently at a certain, controlled temperature. Standard car radiators are designed to keep water cooled engine temperatures at an optimal level while driving at regular road speeds. In competition, however, the engine is working much harder and, as a result, generates more heat.

In order to tackle the increased temperatures that are found in the heat of competition, a range of competition approved radiators are available to suit various applications as well as universal options. These radiators are often made from lightweight alloy materials and feature an increased core size to improve the amount of cooling capability. A cooler operating engine has the ability to produce more power as well as keeping the overall engine bay temperatures down.

To complement the range of radiators available, we also stock a selection of cooling fans. For these products along with mounting options, head on over to the fans and fan kits section. For intercoolers, why not check out the Intercoolers & Chargecoolers section of our Performance department.