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Engines require a range of lubricants in order to be able to operate correctly. These lubricants include both engine and transmission oil as well as power steering fluid and grease. However, lubricants which are designed for use on the road are not always suitable for the high demands of motorsport applications. This is why we stock a range of high performance, competition specific oils and lubricants, so that your competition car is able to be both protected and fulfilling its potential.

Within the range you will find both synthetic and mineral based oils for a host of modern and classic vehicles which have been engineered to withstand the most severe operating conditions. Alongside oils for engines, gearboxes and differentials, we also stock a range of oil additives. These include friction reducers and engine protection treatments as well as assembly lubes for brand new or freshly rebuilt engines.

If you are looking for an uprated oil for use in a road car, be sure to head over to our performance section for a great range of oils from top brands.