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Part of preparing for a race weekend involves ensuring the car looks its very best before heading out on track. Whatever happens in the heat of the battle when the lights go out, happens, but at least you can keep the car looking it's best when it leaves the pits. Our range of car cleaning kits and equipment includes all of the essential car cleaning products and accessories you could possibly need to make sure yours is the car that catches everyone's eye.

Our products include a range of exterior car cleaning products including car wax and polish to give it a perfect shine - especially when used with our car polishers and buffers that will give the bodywork a shine unlike any other. We also stock essential car interior cleaning products to help remove any smells and stains, including car shampoo that will keep your racing seats looking their best at all times.

Of course, no car cleaning kit would be complete without the essential cleaning accessories and valeting kits. We stock a wide range of buckets, cleaning brushes and swabs plus a whole host of chamois leathers and cloths to wipe away water marks for the perfect finish.