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Don't just wash your car, give it a thorough and effective clean with one of our car cleaning cloths. Designed to remove as much dirt as possible from your windows, wheels and bodywork; our car cleaning cloths can pick up even the smallest fragments of dirt to leave your car in perfect condition ready for the wax and polish.

Cleaning your car isn't just something you need to do, it's something you need to do well in order to maintain the overall look and quality of the car which is why specialist car cleaning cloths and equipment are used at home, in professional car valeting services and - of course - in the paddock. In our range of car cleaning equipment you'll find chamois leathers that absorb all of the water used to wash the car leaving behind a clean, sparkling surface. We also stock car washing mitts allowing you to get - quite literally - hands on, finding all of the little gaps in the bodywork and following the contours of the car to ensure that you don't miss a single speck of dirt.