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One of the things that a lot of people opt against when it comes to washing and cleaning their cars is applying the polish, the finishing touch that doesn't just apply the final sparkle to the paintwork but also helps to protect it against stone chips and weathering. The main reason behind this, for many, is that they're put off by the manual effort involved in polishing a car, working it into the paintwork slowly and evenly. Fortunately, car polishing machines mean that a lot of the manual effort is now a thing of the past.

Battery powered or often plugged into the mains, power polishers spin at immense speeds to work the polish into the bodywork resulting in a professional-standard finish. A quality car polishing machine is used in partnership with polishing pads, fitted to the end of the machine in place of a chamois leather or cloth you would use if polishing the car manually. These polishing pads do a fantastic job but, over time, start to show the effects of their labours and need replacing so be sure to stock up on all of your car cleaning essentials here.