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Mechanics are the unsung heroes of motorsport, putting cars and bikes together (and back together) ready to take out onto the track in pursuit of the race victory. Without quality mechanics there would be no way of even getting out on the track, so we need to make sure that they're well protected and provided with everything they need to work safely. With that in mind, our range of mechanics clothing features everything a team mechanic could need including mechanic shirts and team clothing through to specialist mechanics overalls designed to keep fluids off the body and to provide a layer of protection against fires.

That's not all, either. Our range of mechanics clothing also includes the vital accessories you need to protect the skin against potentially hazardous fluids and materials, along with ear and eye defenders to look after your sight and hearing in a dangerous environment. Our mechanics gloves are flame and water resistant, while our mechanics boots and footwear will help to prevent any damage to the feet in the event of an accident in the paddock.