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While the drivers and riders are the ones who take the headlines, mechanics remain - and will always remain - a vital part of every team that enters the paddock. Tasked with preparing the machines for racing, and often to repair them, too, mechanics provided the essential tools for the racers to work with and, as such, they should always be kitted out with the same kind of team clothing. Our range of mechanics shirts, trousers and team clothing are suitable for all forms of motorsport and provide the full protection a mechanic needs to work comfortably and safely.

Ranging from mechanics trousers to polo shirts, waterproof jackets and fleeces; all of our mechanics team clothing can be co-ordinated as a part of your race team's official attire letting everyone know who is part of which team. Complete with fire resistant, waterproof clothing that is fully FIA approved, our mechanics shirts and team clothing are made by names you can trust including Sparco and Dickies, so get yours today.