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Tyres are among the most vital pieces of equipment for a racing team, but moving them isn't as easy as you might expect. The heavy tyres and spare wheels can certainly take some shifting, especially when they need moving from the team truck into the garage and then into a safe storage position that you can access at a moment's notice for a quick and effective tyre change during the race. Fortunately, our wheel trolleys are designed to help take all of the strain out of the process and can then be simply stored inside the garage when you need to switch compounds or to a new set of rubber for later on in the race. Capable of storing and moving heavy loads that standard trolleys just can't support, our wheel and tyre trolleys can support weights of around 250kg and will enable you to store your spare tyres and push them around the paddock, and garage, ready for use. If moving them manually isn't your idea of fun, many of our wheel and tyre trolleys are compatible with A-frames that allow you to tow the wheel trolley around the paddock taking all of the strain and manual labour out of the process.