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Motorsport can be a noisy environment, not just for the drivers but also the crews who work on the cars. It is important to protect your ears from the dangers of long term damage from the exposure to high levels of noise, which is why we feature a range of hearing protection products which are designed to reduce the level of sound that enters the ears.

For drivers, or those inside the car, ear plugs are the preferred option and include everything from standard foam-type ear plugs right through to customisable mould-you-own style ear plugs for optimum noise reduction.

Ear plugs can also be used for people working in the pit lane or around the car, but we also offer ear defenders for more comprehensive sound attenuation. These over-ear style ear protectors are ideal for mechanics, spectators or, indeed, anyone who is likely to be exposed to loud noises for an extended period of time. We even have ear defenders specifically designed with children in mind.