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The safety of a driver in motorsport is paramount, which is why set standards have been put in place for drivers competing in all forms of motorsport around the world. Due to the advances in modern technology, todays racewear provides the very best protection for the driver and can often be the difference between a bruised ego and a very serious injury.

Accidents do happen in motorsport, so it makes sense to ensure that you have the very best level of protection that you can afford. Regulations require the use of fireproof race suits, gloves and boots with the use of fireproof underwear strongly encouraged, too.

Here at Demon Tweeks we feature the best selection of racewear items anywhere in Europe with racewear to suit all disciplines and budgets. So, whether you complete in club level motorsport or are a professional racing driver competing at the pinnacle of the sport, you will find a range of items to fit your requirements. All of our racewear has been developed by the biggest names in motorsport - Alpinestars, OMP and Sparco to name just a few - meaning whatever racing suit or set of racing gloves or boots you choose will be of the highest standards for quality and safety.