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When in a dangerous situation involving fire, every second is crucial. As part of the racewear that a driver or co-driver is required to wear, it is highly recommended that fireproof underwear is worn. When worn underneath a race suit, a layer of nomex underwear adds a valuable amount of additional protection from fire. This allows the driver a few more precious seconds when attempting to extricate themselves from a burning vehicle.

Fireproof race underwear is supplied individually as tops, bottoms and socks in various sizes to suit individual drivers. Also available are balaclavas which are universal in size. Some forms of underwear feature stretch fit materials which offer a form fitting style which helps with muscular fatigue.

As well as offering extra fire protection, certain pieces of race underwear offer improved cooling capabilities with a highly breathable construction. This helps to improve the driver’s level of concentration inside the car which can be affected by the high temperatures which commonly occur.