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Engine tuning helps to get the very most out of your engine. Giving it a little tweak here or there can help it to generate more power, to become more efficient and to even help you get more miles to the gallon; although many tuners will be on the lookout for more power! Tuning your engine is a complex process and one that should always be done properly if you want to get the desired effect – more power, and a better noise!

Tuning your engine can completely transform performance but there are a wide range of upgrades that need to work together to get the maximum effect. For instance, engine remapping can work with your upgrades to generate extra BHP and improve acceleration, with brands like Cobb Tuning specialising in engine remaps across all makes and models. Similarly, delivering the optimum amount of fuel, at the right time, is crucial in a high performance engine and a fuel pump upgrade can help to get it from the tank to the engine in perfect time. AEM Electronics produce a range of high performance fuel pumps capable of optimising fuel delivery, and efficiency, so your engine is always ready to perform; while DeatschWerks fuel injectors help by actually sending the fuel into the engine bay.

Cooling your tuned engine is vitally important and many standard, OE cooling parts simply aren’t up to the task once you start tinkering. Performance cooling parts like those from Mishimoto and Forge are designed to withstand the increased temperatures and power, providing the essential cooling qualities required so that the engine can run at the optimum temperature rather than struggling through in the stifling heat.

Of course, tuning your engine also means setting it up correctly and that means fitting everything in the right place. Vibra Technics engine and suspension mounts are designed, as the name suggests, to hold the engine block securely in place, but they also perform a second function in terms of ride and handling – reducing the vibrations and helping to provide a softer ride for the driver, passengers and the engine! You’re also going to need an upgraded camshaft, one that is capable of opening and closing the intake valves at the optimum moment to deliver power smoothly and effectively, and Piper Cams have developed an exceptional range of performance camshafts suitable for almost all makes and models.

So, whether you’re looking for a boost of power from a turbo or supercharger, you’re on the lookout for a new head gasket, a HKS dump valve, perhaps you need a new oil cooler or even a dump valve to release the pressure or you need your engine remapping to get the best possible performance in terms of power, efficiency and economy; you’re sure to find it all here at Demon Tweeks.