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Waste heat is an inevitable by-product of turning fuel into horsepower. The more power you make, the more heat you must deal with. This can become a problem if that heat spills over onto bits of your engine which aren’t designed to deal with it.

As the heat is mostly coming from your exhaust, part of the solution is to ensure the exhaust system is well insulated to keep the heat in. Heat wraps and sleeves are designed to do just this. Utilising titanium, gold, and other high-tech materials these insulate exhaust headers and pipework and stop heat leaking out.

You can also insulate components which are susceptible to heat soak. We offer a range of solutions for insulating cables, electrical connections, batteries, starter motors, and more.

You also don’t want heat from the exhaust warming up the air your engine is breathing in. Hot air contains less oxygen and your engine can’t work as hard. Heat shields and sleeves keep your intake insulated from a hot engine bay.