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A wheel nut or lug nut is a type of nut used to secure a wheel onto the hub of a car.

Care must be taken to select the right type for the vehicle and the wheel. The correct thread size, thread pitch, and head type must all be matched to the vehicle to avoid damaging anything.

Thread size and pitch are simple enough. They must match the thread of the bolt they are going onto.

Seat type is where it gets a little complicated. This is basically the shape of where the nut sits against the hole in the wheel.

The most common style is tapered. This is a cone-shaped seat.

There’s also the rounded radius seat style which has a rounded seat.

There’s also a flat seat where the underside of the nut is flat.

On vehicles where space is limited, spline drive or tuner-style wheel nuts may be used. These are designed to fit into limited space, like multi-drilled wheels. Tuner-style typically comes with a special key to unlock them.

Whether you need a flat seat, radius seat, taper seat, or tuner style, we have you covered.