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ABA Minaba Clips
From NOK 12.13 Ex VAT From NOK 15.16 ALL TAXES PAID
ABA Spring Hose Clip
From NOK 83.85 Ex VAT From NOK 104.81 ALL TAXES PAID
ABA Original Hose Clip
From NOK 19.22 Ex VAT From NOK 24.03 ALL TAXES PAID
Showing 3 of 3 items

Since the company was established way back in 1896, ABA has been manufacturing clamps, clips and ties designed to maximise the potential and performance of various pipes and systems. Now a world leader in joining technologies, ABA continue to produce the very highest quality hose clamps, clips, ties and more; many of which are utilised throughout the motorsport industry and with aftermarket or performance car parts, too. Made from the toughest stainless steel, ABA hose clamps fit around various thicknesses making them arguably the most practical clamps on the market. The ABA Original hose clamp, for instance, is a single piece of pressed steel or zinc plating, available in different sizes and the dream choice for rubber hoses on cars and motorcycles around the globe.