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Camozzi Airlift
NOK 53,200.00 Ex VAT NOK 66,500.00 ALL TAXES PAID
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When you work in motorsport you need to understand that there is a lot of heavy lifting and manual labour to do to get the car or motorcycle into perfect shape for the meeting, and then a whole lot more to make the adjustments needed to suit the conditions. Lifting a car is a dangerous process in so many ways, making automation almost essential and Camozzi are experts in exactly this field. Developing a range of pneumatic and air-powered devices capable of taking a lot of the strain out of garage and workshop duties. The Camozzi Airlift is a prime example in this respect and is used by professional racing teams including those on the F1 grid. With a lift capacity of up to 600kg it can be easily positioned in the pit or paddock and can be powered by a compressor or pressurised cylinder to raise the car safely and securely while the team get down to work.