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Keeping your engine, catalytic converter and exhaust clean while also reducing your emissions and fuel consumption are high on the list of priorities for a lot of motorists. A clean engine is an efficient engine and an efficient engine means less money spent at the garage as well as on fuel. Cataclean fuel additives have been designed to help achieve all of these objectives to keep your car on the road and your wallet in your pocket! With a wide range of fuel additives for both petrol and diesel engines, Cataclean products can help to flush out any potentially harmful materials that may have penetrated the filters to keep your engine and fuel system in the best possible condition for as long as is physically possible. Over time some materials and deposits do build up inside the engine but that doesn't have to be the beginning of the end (or the start of the list of advisories on your MOT certificate). Cataclean fuel additives can break these materials down and flush them out of the system before they can do any damage, keeping your petrol or diesel engine working effectively and efficiently.