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Decibel Slayer

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Decibel Slayer Bolt On Exhaust Noise / Decibel Reducer Insert
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We all want our high performance cars to make the best possible sound showing just how powerful they really are, but some neighbourhoods and even race circuits have noise restrictions meaning you can't always allow them to really shout out loud. Supressing that noise is a fairly straightforward process, and one that doesn't have to be permanent either. While a typical exhaust silencer will reduce the decibel levels on a full-time basis, Decibel Slayer produce a range of exhaust silencer inserts that can be fitted quickly and easily when you need to reduce the noise around your home, or at a particular circuit. The benefit here is that Decibel Slayer exhaust noise reducers don't need to be drilled into the exhaust system and they slot seamlessly inside the exhaust for as long as is necessary. Fitting round and oval pipes of between 2 and 4-inches in diameter, a Decibel Slayer insert won't affect the power output in any way but will have an instant short-term impact on the decibel levels.