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DEP Pipes pride themselves on developing performance enhancing products for a number of different engines and engine sizes. Whether it's a full exhaust system or individual exhaust pipes and silencers for two or four-stroke engines, DEP produce some of the finest exhaust parts from the best materials available and utilising the latest technologies to help get the most from every machine that has a DEP pipe fitted whether it's a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM and Yamaha Whenever you fit a new part like an exhaust system, pipe or silencer; you do so because you want to get more out of the system and the bike as a whole than you had previously. Each DEP product is designed to be a high performance upgrade, helping to move gases out of the exhaust faster than many OE exhausts and maximising the potential of your engine, resulting in more power and even greater performance - not to mention giving it a much sweeter sound in the process!