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Starting out as a diamond tool manufacturer in Germany in the 1970s, Diewe soon started using their skills and expertise to design and manufacture a range of fashionable alloy wheels for the German sports and luxury car market. By 2009, Diewe wheels were being sold around the world having honed their skills and techniques in Augsburg and started building a Europe-wide and, eventually, global band of followers. The brand no longer caters for the luxury car market, but also high performance cars and countless makes and models where drivers and owners are setting out to improve the overall styling of their cars. Diewe wheels come in a wide range of sizes, styles and even colour combinations enabling you to tailor the wheels to suit the colour of the bodywork. Models like the Diewe Trina, Sogno and Impatto wheels all offer different styles for drivers helping to create incredible new looks or ways of replacing tired alloy wheels for something that matches the need of a high performance car.