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The effects of rust and harsh winter weather can be disastrous on both cars and motorcycles, leaving long lasting and even permanent damage once the snow and ice has melted. While many rust treatments are good at papering over the cracks - so to speak - Dinitrol rust treatment is designed to counter the effects of corrosion before it takes hold. A company with more than 70 years of experience in the industry and having developed its range in Scandinavia where conditions can go to the extremes, Dinitrol rust treatments can make a significant difference to the overall structure and stability of a car or motorcycle and ensure that it remains in the best possible condition - without resulting in a hefty repair bill. With a collection of different rust treatment kits for all kinds of different manufacturers, Dinitrol products like Dinitrol 4941 and rc900 could be the best investments you ever make. A quick and easy coating every few months can help to deter corrosion and help you fight back against the elements to preserve the condition - and performance - of your car or motorcycle and its components.