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NOK8,155.40INC VATNOK8,155.40EX VAT
NOK6,739.70INC VATNOK6,739.70EX VAT
NOK7,780.30INC VATNOK7,780.30EX VAT
NOK7,780.30INC VATNOK7,780.30EX VAT
NOK6,510.04INC VATNOK6,510.04EX VAT
NOK7,371.56INC VATNOK7,371.56EX VAT
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Designed and developed in Japan using some of the latest state-of-the-art technology, Endless brake parts are not just designed with performance in mind, but for victory. Constantly striving to produce the next range of race quality brake pads, calipers and parts for high performance cars around the world; Endless is a brand that uses technology to its full potential. The months, even years of testing that goes into the production of each set of Endless brake pads show just how passionate the brand are about getting their parts right and only putting the very best out onto the market as part of a series of brake upgrades. Adopted and utilised to their full potential by teams around the world, Endless brakes are some of the safest and best-performing race brakes on the market today.