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Wheel bearings, as the name suggests, are a collection of steel balls located within the wheel that help each wheel to spin at the correct speed. Connected to the axle, wheel bearings allow the wheels to spin without any friction for smooth performance under accelerating, braking and turning; but like most car parts they do start to wear over time. Unlike many car parts, worn wheel bearings aren't usually noticeable until you drive the car when a rumbling sound starts to come from the affected wheel. Replacing them is fairly quick and easy for qualified and experienced mechanics with many opting to use FAG wheel bearings because of their reliability and durability. Made from the highest quality steel, FAG wheel bearings are developed with high performance and high speed cars in mind so their durability needs to be exceptional - and it is. They utilise the latest engineering techniques and methods to produce the kind of wheel bearings that can be changed or upgraded with immense ease, and they are suitable for all makes and models of road and track-going cars.