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Greaves 3D Engineering

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Quality pit lane equipment is essential for any successful racing team whether it's an amateur kart race or a professional, international car or motorcycle racing championship. At all levels, the equipment you have available to make adjustments during the race weekend can help take you from the back to the front of the grid; and the latest innovations can make all the difference. Greaves 3D Engineering is a Peterborough-company who specialise in innovative pit lane equipment like tyre scrapers that strip away the damaged or worn rubber on your racing tyres leaving you with a smooth finish. Beautifully machined from high quality materials and to the highest specifications, Greaves 3D tyre scrapers and pit lane equipment are highly rated by teams from across the UK - and much further afield, too. For a range of pit lane equipment that takes your upgrades and potential to the next level, browse the range of products from Greaves 3D Engineering here.