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Since the early 1900s the Gulf name has been associated with oils and lubricants, providing high quality products for customers across a whole range of industries from motoring and agriculture to manufacturing and those employed in professional workshops. Gulf Oils remain one of the biggest names in the industry, now more than 100 years on, and continue to provide high performance engine and gear oils with a particular focus on the automotive sector. Covering both motorsport and every day motoring, Gulf Oils are used to keeping things moving - quite literally! Their high quality oils and lubricants can be used to free up seized components while also enabling moving parts to operate to their full potential from the moment you fire up the ignition. Available in a vast range of viscosities, the Gulf Oils range is suitable for all makes and models of road and track racing cars taking their extensive knowledge of what's required in both areas and using that experience and expertise to develop the next generation of engine and gear oils. They're also a useful addition to have in the garage or shed if you enjoy working on cars and motorcycles at home. Gulf Oils are widely regarded as some of the finest around, keeping vehicles and machinery operating seamlessly.