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Hawk Dashboard Display Unit / Light Module
NOK 997.37 Ex VAT NOK 1,246.71 ALL TAXES PAID
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Inside your car it's easy to overlook certain lights on your dashboard, and even easier for them to stop working in older models. When you miss a warning light on your dashboard it can have disastrous consequences not just for your car, but for your race, too, which is why so many drivers turn to Hawk for their dashboard warning lights and display units for use in their kit cars. Providing clear and concise visual indicators of exactly what is wrong under the bonnet you'll be able to pull over into the pit at the earliest opportunity to resolve the issue before it escalates, getting you back out on the road track as soon as possible. A Hawk dashboard display will use LEDs to illuminate the instruments currently in use such as the indicators or headlights, along with highlighting issues with oil pressure and fluid levels.