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Hydraflow O-Ring Seal For Hydraflow Flange
From NOK 12.77 Ex VAT From NOK 15.96 ALL TAXES PAID
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Fluid leaks can have disastrous consequences for drivers and riders, especially out on a racing circuit. In order for essential fluids to travel in and around a system you need a reliable, long-lasting seal and hose assembly in place that allows the free-flow of water and essential fluids to keep parts cool, warm or moving as they should and that's where Hydraflow come in. Their range of high quality fittings and couplings help to secure a hose with parts made from the best materials, made to withstand the vibrations and excessive heat. Many Hydraflow fittings and couplings can be welded into place forming a long-lasting, reliable seal that prevents leaks, keeping the car or bike at the optimum temperature and potentially slippery fluids off the racing circuit.