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Midland BT Mini Intercom Headset
From NOK 1,440.79 Ex VAT From NOK 1,800.99 ALL TAXES PAID
Midland BT Rush Intercom Headset
From NOK 2,770.79 Ex VAT From NOK 3,463.49 ALL TAXES PAID
Midland BTX1 Pro S Intercom Headset
From NOK 1,773.29 Ex VAT From NOK 2,216.61 ALL TAXES PAID
Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Intercom Headset
From NOK 2,327.37 Ex VAT From NOK 2,909.21 ALL TAXES PAID
Midland BTX 2&1 Pro S Twin Intercom Headset
NOK 3,657.37 Ex VAT NOK 4,571.71 ALL TAXES PAID
Midland BT-GO Universal Intercom Headset
NOK 1,219.08 Ex VAT NOK 1,523.85 ALL TAXES PAID
Showing 6 of 6 items

Action cameras can capture some incredible footage from various forms of transport, and Midland has created a high-quality range of action cameras and mounts suitable for them all. From long-distance drives down popular routes like Sunset Boulevard and Route 66 to off-road MX trails and motorcycle track days, Midland action cameras are capable of recording all the incredible images for you to watch back in 4K HD quality whenever you like. In addition to their Midland action cameras, the brand also specialises in Bluetooth headsets, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family, taking and receiving calls without having to touch your phone.