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Originating from Taiwan and founded in February 1959, Nankang are a company specialising in high performance tyres for racing and road going cars. Using all of their expertise in the sector, Nankang tyres are designed to help provide the best possible performance regardless of the track conditions or where they're being used. Investing the same amount of development and technology into their Nankang road tyres as they do their range of Nankang track day tyres, the company is fast-becoming one of the world's leading suppliers because of their reputation for quality and reliability. When it comes to high performance tyres you want a set that are going to last and that's exactly what you get with Nankang tyres. From the Nankang NS-2R tyre that is every bit at home on the road as it is on the track to specific track day tyres like the Nankang AR-1 tyre and the specially adapted Nankang NS-25 race compound tyre; the company continues to develop their product offering to bring the best racing tyres to the masses.