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Ordnance Survey

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Ordnance Survey Landranger Map
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Ordnance Survey maps might sound like the kind of thing you only use on a camping holiday or while orienteering, but they also perform a vital vole in motorsport. Many rally teams and co-drivers in particular use Ordnance Survey maps to identify and learn the different stages they're about to tackle, understanding not only the layout of the stage and the surface but also any undulations and potential hazards they might encounter during the race. OS maps including the Ordnance Survey Explorer and Landranger maps have been used by walkers and cyclists for decades because of their clear, concise descriptions which can be invaluable to rally teams when they arrive at the stage. Also great for having in the car for a long journey - just in case the sat nav lets you down. Or when going on a family camping holiday, perhaps even to watch a form of motorsport. Ordnance Survey maps are as vital an accessory in motorsport and motoring today as they've always been.