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A company founded in Lancashire in the 1980s and built upon first-hand rally experience, Pacenote have become the go-to brand for rally notebooks and equipment. Specialising in - you guessed it - pacenote books for the co-driver to make detailed stage notes in, each Pacenote notepad can be the final part in the team jigsaw that helps to win that particular rally stage. With plenty of space for a co-driver to make notes and document each stage using their own pacenote system, these notepads and books allow for more precise note calling, improving the communication between both the driver and co-driver. Pacenotes, as we know, are vitally important in how a driver approaches each individual section of a rally stage, informing them of any jumps, bends or changes in terrain that they need to prepare for. So, with such an important job, a Pacenote notebook is a must for every team.