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As a racer your clothing and equipment aren't just subjected to the elements, they're also affected by sweat meaning they can be incredibly damp or even wet through at the end of some sessions. Even if you're not a racer, you will have been subjected to wet riding conditions leaving your equipment soaked at the end of the commute or long-distance ride and leaving the helmet, gloves and boots sat around wet can have a detrimental effect on their lifespan and overall quality. Sure, you could leave them out in the fresh air or even hung from the washing line to dry, but you could also invest in a PEET Dryer system which gives you a tool to hang your helmet, gloves and boots to remove the sweat and moisture from your gear leaving them fresh, dry and ready to put on for the next session or ride. Capable of drying equipment in up to three hours, a PEET Dryer can be used with or without heat to dry and freshen your gear. Available in either specific equipment dryers for gloves, boots or helmets; or as a complete set for all your essentials; a PEET Dryer system is great for keeping in the garage at home or down at the track ready for use after wet or sweaty rides.