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Showing 24 of 78 items

Performance Friction is a brake specialist designing, developing and manufacturing a range of quality brake parts for the motorsport industry, high performance and every-day road-going vehicles. PFC, to use the brand's more common name, are based in South Carolina in the United States with a European centre in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. PFC brakes including brake calipers, discs and pads are all widely regarded as high performance upgrades suitable for track and road use with many successful race teams running Performance Friction brakes on their cars. Designed to not only match the performance of OE brakes but to surpass those standards, Performance Friction brakes - and especially their range of brake pads and discs - are designed to last longer and reduce the common vibrations felt through OE brake parts as a result of thermal distortion. Developed to work as one high performance braking unit consisting of calipers, pads and discs; Performance Friction offer drivers high quality, reliable brakes that perform when needed the most whether you're braking from high speed into the first corner or in poor weather conditions out on the road.