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While there's nothing quite like the sound of a motorcycle, exposure to the loud engine noises can have a serious impact on your hearing over a prolonged period of time. Without even noticing it the sound of your engine can reduce the quality of your hearing, even causing irreparable damage that affects your everyday life. In order to maintain your hearing it makes great sense to wear a set of motorcycle earplugs to block out some - not all - of the noise, allowing you to hear the sound of your bike and other road or track users around you. Pinlock are experts in the field of motorcycle earplugs, developing an extensive range of high quality and comfortable earplugs for riders of all machines. Completely reusable and compatible with a range of intercom systems, too, Pinlock earplugs provide lasting protection without causing strain on your ears however long you wear them for. From a short circuit ride to an all-day tour, Pinlock earplugs are great for all riders and conditions, come with a handy carry-case and are hand washable to keep them fresh.