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Whether it's grease off the road or the effects of the weather, your motorcycle can soon start to show signs of ageing. Dirt off the road can stick to the plastic and metalwork taking the edge off the high quality chassis and fairings; while the sun can cause the colour to fade under the light. In order to keep it looking its best, Plex-Rx is an immensely popular and highly effective motorcycle cleaner that can clean and protect your bike to fight back against dirt, grease, stone chips and weathering. Also great for use on your motorcycle helmet, visor and other plastic areas; Plex-Rx began life in the marine industry but was soon adopted by motorcyclists and the wider motoring industry because of its quality and results. Ideal for plastic surfaces but also good on gel-coated areas; the 2-in-1 Plex-Rx motorcycle cleaner and polish can seal in the colour and shine for long-lasting results.