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Ricky Evans Motorsport

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Ricky Evans Motorsport Windscreen
From NOK 957.60 Ex VAT From NOK 1,197.00 ALL TAXES PAID
Ricky Evans Motorsport Heated Windscreen
From NOK 969.57 Ex VAT From NOK 1,211.96 ALL TAXES PAID
Showing 2 of 2 items

A leading supplier of heated windscreens for classic cars and both professional and amateur forms of motorsport, the Ricky Evans Motorsport brand have been in the industry for more than 40 years. While heated windscreens might be the sort of thing you find on your typical family car, motorsport isn't always as well kitted-out with teams looking to save weight in as many areas as possible. However, Ricky Evans Motorsport devised a way to provide the industry with a range of heated windscreens that add the minimal amount of weight to the car while also helping to keep the glass clear for drivers and their co-drivers. With more than 300 different products available, Ricky Evans Motorsport continue to focus on heated windscreens for various forms of motorsport with their screens available as direct OE replacements with 12-month warranties and an estimated time of just 60 seconds to completely demist the screen ready to race.