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Sidi Aria Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots
NOK 2,593.37 Ex VAT NOK 3,241.71 ALL TAXES PAID
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Founded in Italy in 1960 by Dino Signori; the Sidi brand takes its name from the initials of the president. Having spent close to 60 years designing and developing their range of motorcycle boots, Sidi is one of the industry's most iconic names having produced the kind of boots that other brands just can't come close to matching. Comfortable, durable and - above all else - stylish, Sidi motorcycle boots are worn by some of the world's top racers who put their faith in the safety innovations developed over the last 60 years to keep them safe on the track; while riders and commuters around the world also put their faith in the Sidi name. Offering stylish and modern motorcycle boots like the Sidi Crossfire 2, the Sidi Vertigo and Sidi ST boots; the brand merges the latest styles with more classic black leather motorcycle boots with Gore-Tex technology to provide something for every rider. Of course, like all good motorcycle brands, Sidi also produce a range of clothing for riders to wear off the bike including hoodies, t-shirts and polo shirts to make sure you can look as stylish off the bike as you do on it.