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A leading manufacturer of fasteners, components and seals for the motorsport industry; Clarendon Speciality Fasteners - to use the brand's full name with Clarendon having bought Speciality Fasteners back in 2014 - have become experts in their field with quality, reliable fastenings and components to hold various car body parts in place for years to come. Over time some OE body panels and fastenings can start to shake themselves loose, especially in motorsport where the extreme forces and vibrations can really start to take their toll on the fastenings, bolts and washers. With a set of Speciality Fasteners fitted to your car you can rest assured that these particular fasteners and components are built to last. Machined in state-of-the-art facilities and taking their expertise from a number of other fields including aerospace, Clarendon Speciality Fasteners remain the tried, tested and trusted source for car body panel fastenings.