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Steel Mate

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Steel Mate DIY Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
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Developed to make driving simpler for drivers of all types of vehicles, parking sensors give drivers the confidence they need to park perfectly in some of the tigher spaces they might otherwise avoid, while digital tyre pressure monitoring systems - frequently abbreviated to TPMS - provide accurate tyre pressure readings to keep your tyres and car safe on the road. Parking sensors make tricky manoeuvres simple and mean you can hook-up to trailers or caravans in a matter of minutes rather that spending precious time getting in and out of the car to check your alignment. As a UK brand specialising in the latest in-car technologies and systems, Steelmate have close to 20 years of experience in the sector and have become one of the leading suppliers of in-car sensors and monitoring systems. A Steelmate TPMS is easy to fit and has been built specifically for caravans and trailers rather than being adapted, meaning each component is made for the job. With an exceptional five-year battery life and a clear digital display, Steelmate has created an outstanding solution to help monitor tyre pressures and address issues before they happen.