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Vac-Bag Motorcycle Dry Storage System
From NOK 110.79 Ex VAT From NOK 138.49 ALL TAXES PAID
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If you know you're not going to be riding your bike for a while and are thinking of putting it into storage, make sure it's safe and protected from the effects of the cold, damp weather. Many riders choose to put their bikes away for the winter, locking it up in the garage and doing little or no more than that - only to find the rust has set in. Protect your motorcycle with a vacuum bag system from Vac-Bag, a form of dry storage for all motorcycles that ensures your bike is in the pristine condition you left it in when you go to check or ride it. A Vac-Bag motorcycle storage system is suitable for almost every make and model of motorcycle, and represents a highly effective way of looking after your bike while it's off the road.