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With their range of high performance tyres made specifically for high performance cars from the likes of BMW and Alfa Romeo, Vredestein tyres offer drivers incredible performance in all conditions. An affordable but high quality range of road tyres, Vredestein were founded more than 100 years ago and invest every single day of that expertise into their collection of performance tyres. Using the latest technologies to blend the key features of winter, summer, road and track tyres into each set of rubber; a Vredestein tyre is made to last and made to perform. From improved grip in the wet to improved braking and cornering on the track; Vredestein tyres like the brand's leading range of Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tyres offer the safest driving experience for commuters, tourers and racers. In addition to high performance, Vredestein have partnered with the Italian designers Giugiaro to offer a beautiful looking range of tyres, too, that help to add impeccable styling to the brand's increasing list of pros.