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Winx Enduro Mousse
NOK 1,396.10 Ex VAT NOK 1,745.13 ALL TAXES PAID
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Riding off-road has enough challenges ranging from huge jumps to tight, first gear corners you have to use your feet to help steer around; so the very last thing you want to be contending with is a day-ending puncture in one of your tyres. While you might have a spare back in the van, an excellent alternative to changing your tube is to use an Enduro tyre mousse from Winx which helps to prevent punctures happening. Rather than using a traditional inner tube inside your tyre, Winx tyre mousse is used to replicate the tube and provides protection against stones, rocks and other materials from penetrating the rubber. Now particularly common in MX, solid foam tyre mousses maintain the structure of the tyre even if there is a puncture and act as a motorcycle tyre adaptation of the now common run-flat car tyres.