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Motorcycle clothing has come a long way from the early days of simple leather jackets offering little or no protection to riders, and these days riders are provided with lightweight, strong materials that provide protection for the whole body while still offering the same traditional leather styling. One brand, Wolf, has been making motorcycle clothing since 1969 when aerodynamic leathers with back protectors and airbags weren't even a concept. Based in the UK, Wolf motorcycle clothing has evolved into one of the most stylish brands and a leading name in the industry. Not only do their range of Wolf leathers, jackets and motorcycle gloves use some of the most modern materials; they use cutting edge technology to ensure that each item is as comfortable and protective as possible for complete freedom of movement on the bike. Staying true to the brand's British racing heritage, Wolf leathers offer vital protection in all the key areas while maintaining the simple but stylish look of traditional racing leather jackets and one-piece suits. Whatever your form of riding from a relaxed cruiser to sports bikes and track day racers; you'll never look out of place or behind the times in Wolf motorcycle clothing.