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From NOK3,908.75INC VATFrom NOK3,908.75EX VAT
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Saving weight is crucial in motorsport where even fractions of a second can make all the difference to a lap time or final finishing position. By reducing weight, even on crucial components like starter motors and alternators, drivers and teams can maximise performance and companies like WOSPerformance are working to ensure that their products are as light as possible without compromising performance. First introduced to the UK in 1990, WOSPerformance parts have been developed to cope with the growing demand for quality, reliable motorsport and aftermarket parts with teams across all styles of racing from historic motorsport to the ultimate in track racing cars realising the advantages of a lightweight starter motor. The range of incredibly lightweight WOSP starter motors are built to stand up to the tests of motorsport, blending lightweight but incredibly strong materials to cope with the power and temperature extremities that standard starter motors just wouldn't deal with.