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Oil is a vital part of your car or motorcycle and sometimes it needs a helping hand to work its way around the various systems. While the fluid should be able to pass freely, sometimes it finds itself blocked meaning any treatments you put into the system also fail to reach their destination. ZX1 micro oil metal treatment has been developed not to work as a specialist fuel or oil additive, but to travel in the oil to reach the metal surfaces of the engine and gearbox to help create a smooth route for your oil and fuel additives. By removing the sticky film and residue left behind by 'old' oil and lubricant, ZX1 extralube can help to reduce emissions by ensuring that the fluids in the system are as clean as possible; thereby improving fuel efficiency and all-round engine and gearbox performance. Working as a friction eliminator, ZX1 micro oil metal treatments like the popular range of Extralube products can make an immediate impact inside your system, working perfectly at warm and low temperatures.