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Engine Cranes

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Showing 11 of 11 items
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Lifting heavy equipment is never an easy task, and certainly the kind of job that should require specialist tools and equipment rather than trying to do it yourself. Car parts such as engines, exhausts and gearboxes are incredibly heavy and difficult to move into and away from the car; but specialist engine cranes and hoists can take all of the strain and allow you to move the vital parts freely and easily.

Made from the strongest and most reliable materials, our collection of folding engine cranes and hoists can be wheeled into position and fixed to the engine so you can lift the block out of the vehicle to make vital repairs or upgrades - or to replace it with a healthier, more reliable engine capable of generating additional power. All of our engine cranes are tried and trusted by professionals, and manufactured by leading tool and equipment companies that you can trust including Draper and Sealey.