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Brise Alloy Alternator Pulley
From NZ$96.70 Ex VAT From NZ$96.70 INC VAT
Brise Mounting Bracket 3 Piece Kit Ford Duratec
NZ$315.31 Ex VAT NZ$315.31 INC VAT
Brise Alternator Connector Plug
NZ$33.11 Ex VAT NZ$33.11 INC VAT
Brise EV200 Battery Isolator
NZ$511.11 Ex VAT NZ$511.11 INC VAT
Showing 6 of 6 items

Tuning and motorsport both rely heavily on maximising performance while saving space and weight, making the choice of materials used to design and fabricate key parts and components of paramount importance. At BRISE, a company specialising in starter motors and alternators for the motorsport and wider automotive industries, the fabrication department use the latest innovations and finest materials to produce high quality aftermarket parts that drivers and professional racing teams can rely on. BRISE alternators and starter motors are powerful, efficient and small enough to free-up space beneath the bonnet to keep the car as aerodynamic and lightweight as possible - while maintaining the key role of starting and running the engine that gets them across the finish line.